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Assalamualaikum and Greetings from Halal Hub Unit,

We are pleased to introduce Tanjung Manis Halal Hub (TMHH) for your kind consideration to be your preferred investment destination particularly in the Halal Industry products ranges from food & beverages, pharmaceutical, health products, cosmetics etc. having vast potential to consumers from both Muslim and non-Muslim around the globe.

Initiated in 2008 by the Right Honourable, Chief Minister of Sarawak, Yang Berhormat Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud, Tanjung Manis Halal Hub, situated in the coastal central region of Sarawak (one of the States in East Malaysia) is one of the growth nodes of the State's corridor of development, Sarawak Corridor of Renewal Energy [SCORE]. With a gross area of 77,000 hectares, TMHH is the largest among all the other Halal hubs/parks in Malaysia earmarked for the development of manufacturing, processing, aquaculture, agriculture and other economic activities related to Halal Industry.

TMHH is a unique and industry leading destination due to its unrivalled natural landscape and its position in the heart of one of the world’s fastest growing markets. TMHH is referred to as an advanced hub because of its wide ranging competitive advantages. TMHH has a large land bank available for agriculture and the development of Halal industries both up-stream and down-stream. An extensive infrastructure system to enable the transport of products in and out of the area is under planning and construction.

Sarawak offers many advantages for investors including the attractive tax incentives for green and Halal based industries and its related manufacturing activities, biotechnology grants, as well as other specialized incentives with the addition of strong commitment from the Sarawak State Government.

Malaysia’s stable political environment should make TMHH as one of the preferred investment destination for investors. TMHH provides a lot of potential for investment and business opportunities in plantation, aquaculture, poultry & livestock, food processing, logistics & shipping services, banking & insurance, cosmetic & health products, hotel & tourism, palm oil industry, petroleum & gas industry and others.

TMHH’s coordination of promotion and development is managed by the Halal Hub Unit, as one of our responsibilities is to assist and facilitate investors in meeting the requirements with regards to their respective investments and compliance of all quality and Halal standards locally and internationally.

With huge market potentials in the global halal industry and the opportunities to start or expand your business set-up here in Sarawak, Tanjung Manis Halal Hub serves to meet up your investment needs. Please do contact us for further information, Thank You.









Halal Hub Unit

Chief Minister’s Department